Marine Corrosion

Damaged Outdrive Above............................................ .........Damaged Direct Drive Shaft above. Proper anodes are good insurance against costly corrosion. Marine corrosion can cause major damage to your boat, if left unattended. Several factors that influence the severity of corrosion: water salinity & movement, electrical…

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Sailboat TIPS

  The rigging on your sailboat supports the mast and any sail carried when sailing. The working rigging of your sailboat needs to be checked and tightened periodically. Reinforcement plates tie the stays into the hull structure. Where these "stays"…

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Boat Elecrical

Maintaining your boats batteries is essential to their longevity, and safe operation. A good slow (trickle) charger will help to prolong battery life. Lead Acid, AGM, Gel-Cell batteries all require charging, but at different rates. A vessel mounted electronic charger…

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Nautical Mishaps

May 2, 2015 Boat Operation

Drain Plug??....... I thought YOU put in the Drain Plug. The day the bilge pump malfunctioned, was a bad day indeed. I think we need a larger fishing boat! Have you seen my other Flip-Flop? OUCH! What side do the…

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April 30, 2015 Marine Survey

CHOOSING A MARINE SURVEYOR IS THE FIRST STEP. A good survey by a knowledgeable surveyor assures the buyer that a vessel is sea-worthy, and priced properly. A  good Marine Survey can help you with purchasing your boat, as many lenders…

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April 16, 2015 Boat Operation

         ALL BOATS HANDLE DIFFERENTLY AND UNIQUELY. Their individual handling characteristics are determined by hull shape, engine placement, vessel displacement, and vessel length. Control placement, cable adjustment, electronic servo settings, engine idle speeds, and propeller pitch all affect handling. Learning to maneuver and dock…

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