Sailboat TIPS

Defour 56   32' Catalina

  • The rigging on your sailboat supports the mast and any sail carried when sailing.
  • The working rigging of your sailboat needs to be checked and tightened periodically.
  • Reinforcement plates tie the stays into the hull structure.
  • Where these “stays” attach or pass through the top deck should be routinely checked for corrosion.
  • Water can seep past worn or old sealer, and slowly cause metal corrosion, and fiberglass structure delamination.
  • Hatches and areas where fittings go through the deck should be regularly checked for water intrusion.
  • Unfortunately even good sealers and caulks, weaken over time, and periodically need to be replaced.
  • Resealing that deck hatch or fitting attachment, will help to prevent future problems.
  • Three M, Life Seal, Life Caulk are some of the quality marine sealers available.
  • Always re-bed Hatches and fittings with a quality MARINE sealer designed for that type of application.
  • Canvas hatch/port covers can help to reduce sun exposure to your sailboats interior, and keep it cooler.
  • While checking for corrosion, take a good look at the lifeline connections and stanchion attachment points.
  • These critical pieces of equipment are important to your crews well-being, and should be checked regularly.
  • As with all vessels operating in a salt water and a harsh Florida sun environment, regular maintenance is the key.
  • Regular maintenance will help to reduce expensive repair costs on critical items onboard your vessel…Underway56' Deck Rigging