Benefits of a SMOOTH BOTTOM

April 11, 2015 Vessel Performance

THE BENEFITS OF A SMOOTH  RUNNING SURFACE ARE MANY. A SMOOTH SURFACE GLIDES OVER AND THROUGH THE WATER EASILY. Speed and efficiency are both adversely affected by any marine growth attached to your hull. Mechanical running gear, Props, Shafts, outdrives…

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BASIC TRAILER MAINTANIANCE WILL KEEP YOU ROLING WITHOUT SUDDEN EXPENSES. Regularly inspect the trailers running gear: Tires, Wheels, Brakes, Springs, Coupler, for wear or corrosion. Make sure Lug Nuts are tight, and tires are at the correct inflation pressure. Check…

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Selecting the correct propeller for your vessel is one of the most important factors for your boats performance.  There are many styles, shapes, number of blades, and types of marine propellers available to the power boater. Selecting the correct pitch and diameter for…

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Basic Seamanship

March 27, 2015 Boat Operation, SeamanShip

While zooming along across the water is an enjoyable way to enjoy boating, there are some basic Rules / Tips that should be followed. Boating Courtesy goes along way to ensuring a GREAT & SAFE day out on the water.  ALWAYS BE AWARE OF…

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How to Anchor a Boat

March 21, 2015 Boat Operation

Learning how to anchor your vessel properly, can save you frustration, aggravation, and possible damage to your boat. For the sand bottom around Southwest Florida, a standard fluke anchor will hold fine. On average a 5:1  scope of line will…

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Boat Maintenance

When using your boat in the saltwater there are several important items to consider. Most marine engines are raw water cooled, this means the saltwater gets pumped through the engines cooling system, while the engine is running. This water is…

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