How to Choose a Marine Surveyor


Boat 2013 013When deciding on a vessel, there are many things to consider. What style of boat are you interested in? What type of boating will you do most of the time? How large a vessel will match your needs and budget? After you have selected the type, style and size of vessel, it is time to check out the vessel of your dreams. Even though there are many differences between a sloop, a sport cabin cruiser and a Boston Whaler fishing boat, they all have several complicated systems that need to operate properly. A thorough marine survey can help you  make an informed decision, and know what you are getting into BEFORE you make that large purchase. A good marine survey is an important tool in negotiating a fare price for a particular vessel. When getting a marine survey, it is important to have the boat out of the water if possible. This allows for a good inspection of the hull and mechanical systems. It is also very important to have a water hose available, so the engine or engines can be run & cooled properly. Most smaller vessels can be run this way. On some larger vessels running the main engines will only be possible with the vessel in the water. Make sure to ask your surveyor allot of questions. After all the more you know about your prospective boat, the more comfortable you will be in presenting a reasonable offer to the seller. The Marine Surveyor works for you, the prospective buyer, or vessel owner. This survey of the vessel helps the lender or insurance company, by providing an unbiased report of the vessels condition at the time of the inspection. Many times the seller is present at the survey, and is interested in the process. A good surveyor is always courteous to the owner of the vessel, and the prospective buyer.