How to Anchor a Boat

March 21, 2015 Boat Operation


Learning how to anchor your vessel properly, can save you frustration, aggravation, and possible damage to your boat.

For the sand bottom around Southwest Florida, a standard fluke anchor will hold fine.

On average a 5:1  scope of line will hold securely in average CALM weather.

(5:1) is five feet of rope length for every foot of water depth)

A three foot section of 3/8 chain secured to the anchor & then the anchor rope will help the flukes to dig into the bottom.

This chain also acts as chafing protection for the anchor line and adds a little weight to the anchor.

Always leave enough space between your vessel and others, so when your boat moves at anchor it will not contact other anchored vessels nearby, or the shore.

Danforth style anchors work well in S/W Florida, and when used properly, can keep your boat off the beach.

Always anchor your boat from the bow, it is easy to swamp / sink a small powerboat when the anchor is off the stern.